DEA & SAINT are two ambitious Florida-based creators smashing barriers in a way that is distinctly and unapologetically true to self. Joining forces with producer/instrumentalist Tysonious Mink and drummer T_RASH, the crew has assembled their first full-length project.

T R A P D O O M drips oozing bass lines over dark beats and thundering drum punches. The sound sets the battlefield for an authentic plot driving aggressively to skillful rhymes, haunting melodies, and piercing growls offered by the duo. It is a mission statement challenging the listener to channel their inner truth no matter the resistance and embrace the light in their darkness. You're not alone. 



A fierce warrior of light bringing HEART to the table. DEA translates into goddess in Latin, and reclaiming power for humankind has been the mission since day one. Raw and unapologetic, DEA is a reminder that you do not have to subdue your inner magic. Conscious revolution is upon us, raise a fist and get ready to FIGHT!

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He's a beacon of truth in a world against self. SAINT growls forth a message from spirit, letting you know you're not alone and self love is the key to mastering the T R A P! Purpose separates this artist from the sheep and he will not be bowing down. Beauty comes from the darkest places and this dead poet remains determined to rise. The warrior screams "Never give up!"



Being a jack of all trades with experience in many forms of sound makes Tysonious Mink the heartbeat of the band. Serving as the mastermind behind the T R A P D O O M fusion, the low-key genius draws inspiration from Mary Jane and the everyday struggle. He keeps the bass low and heavy, mixing his 7 string with TRAP and a handful of no fucks! You think this is a game?

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Bruh. How do you sum up the energy this drummer brings to the table? Simple. You don't. You have to experience the life force that is T_RASH. He takes no shit and chugs a beer while telling lames to fuck off! Put them middle fingers up, get ready for that action, cuz when this man takes the stage there will be blood! Bring the noise and light the fire! You ain't really bout that life.